Company Vehicles

There are company vehicles, and there are Sewell company vehicles. Well-equipped and impeccably maintained by our service department, these vehicles are driven for a few thousand miles (and babied all the way) by Sewell associates and then sold or leased at advantageous prices. And there is another advantage beyond price: Because they have not been titled, our company vehicles are sold as new. The factory warranty will still apply when you buy or lease a Sewell company car.

Lease Vehicles

Leasing has several aspects that you may find advantageous – lower payments than traditional financing, for one. That can mean getting more vehicle for the same money as a traditional car payment. With our many, ever-changing lease specials, it sometimes is even possible to initiate a lease for a newer vehicle at a lower payment than you have been making. Customers who like to have a new car every three or four years often enjoy leasing. Maintenance costs are never a worry; lease vehicles are always under warranty, and the lease is usually over before any significant maintenance is needed.

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