The Collision Repair Process

Between the time your damaged vehicle arrives at Sewell Collision Center of Fort Worth and the time you drive away in your fully restored vehicle, our work proceeds through four phases of collision repair, with several steps in each.

1. Estimate and Order
  • Our estimator inspects your vehicle and documents damage
  • You sign a repair authorization
  • Your insurance company approves the estimate
  • We locate and order necessary parts
  • The parts arrive
  • We call you to let you know the parts are here.

2. Disassemble and Reinspect
  • We disassemble the vehicle to reassess for damage
  • If additional damage is found, we produce a written report
  • Your insurance approves repair of the additional damage
  • We order additional parts if necessary
  • We call you with a status update

3. Repair and Test
  • We return the vehicle systems to factory settings
  • Structural and body repairs begin
  • We complete cosmetic repairs
  • Corrosion protection is reapplied
  • We retest the vehicle to ensure proper operation
  • We call you with a status update

4. Reassemble and Return
  • If painting is needed, the vehicle is prepped, primed, and block sanded
  • The vehicle is masked, taped, and painted
  • Chemically cleaned and tacked
  • Refinished
  • We reassemble the vehicle, do wheel alignment, air conditioning, detail, and conduct test drive
  • You get a call with the good news that your vehicle is ready.

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