Technology Wizardry At Your Service

When you come in to pick up your car from service, we start retrieving it before you have even switched off the engine of your loan vehicle. As you pull in, an RFID reader on your loan car pings everyone on your service team. Service advisor, valet, cashier, even the salesperson who originally sold you your car - they all instantly get a text letting them know you have arrived. You will be on your way in as close to no time flat as is humanly and technologically possible.

A Big Shop of Small Shops

We will let you in on a little secret. Our great, big service department operates with the deftness of a small, efficient team because it is small, efficient teams. We split the department into smaller "shops," each under a group leader. This structure makes for smoother communication, fewer mistakes, and faster service.

Welcome to Our Pad

Our iPad, that is. Along with Wi-Fi in our customer waiting areas, we have iPads for you to use while you are here. Get a little work done. Catch up on your reading or your must-see TV show. Even play a game if you like. Having your car serviced could be one of the most pleasant times of the whole week.

A Case Study in Efficiency

Every good service technician we have ever met hates walking back and forth to the auto parts department. Working on cars is what they are paid for, not fetching parts. That is why we have refined the way the service and parts departments interact. Commonly used parts are stocked right in the service area - sometimes right in the technician's station. For parts that are not right at hand, technicians use an electronic ordering system, and in moments, the parts department delivers the parts directly to the technician. Bada bing.

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